Duncan King B.Eng (Hons)

Executive Profile:
Duncan is an experienced executive specialising in growing organisations by winning and delivering large, complex, engineering and IT business.

He applies engineering, business knowledge and a breadth of commercial experience to create order from chaos with the courage to make tough decisions. He has a reputation for looking at challenges from a different perspective, creating a compelling vision not constrained by the status quo. He is a versatile and inclusive leader, building high performing, motivated teams to deliver capability for the ultimate end customer.

With over 30 years of experience in Defence and National Security, both in the UK and Internationally, his leadership style has many different facets.  It ranges from the straightforward decisive 'get things done' quality, through to visionary and strategic to transform the direction of travel. Teamwork is vital, and Duncan has been able to create empowered teams who not only feel they can make a difference, but who feel that difference is important for the future and are willing to commit their personal heart and energy to success. It is because of this that he has led teams to achieve what may seem to be impossible.

Duncan has led business areas and worked on the most challenging of bids and programmes, building his experience with world class organisations such as Lockheed Martin, Thales, Fujitsu, Atos, IBM and GEC.

Key Strengths: 
  • Providing strong leadership to win and deliver successful projects, programmes and portfolios
  • Leading capture teams and bid management to win large and complex opportunities
  • Identifying and fixing issues on programmes and service delivery to deliver challenging and high risk business
  • Providing independent review, assurance and coaching during both bid and delivery phases to ensure success
  • Creating organisational transformation change to lead large organisations
  • Developing long term business strategy to drive strategic growth
  • Experienced in Complex System Integration and Digital Transformation