About Prohawk Solutions

Established in 2013 by Peter Baber on a foundation of 25+ years experience in delivering complex International Projects, Programmes & Portfolios (P3); Prohawk Solutions delivers the quality leadership, passion and commitment needed of a professional Interim service. Peter’s experience and knowledge was recognised in 2011, when he secured APM’s national standard of Registered Project Professional (RPP MAPM) and subsequently through the award of Chartered Status (ChPP) in 2018.

With an increasing portfolio of clients, Prohawk has established a strong co-operative of ‘like-minded’ Associates, all of whom demonstrate the depth of experience and successful track records of delivering the outcomes needed by clients. This includes a range of professional skills, including Project/Business Finance, Engineering and Operations. Either individually or as part of a team approach, Prohawk provides the skills, experience and leadership when it is needed most.

Recognising the range of issues that can leave an organisation with a temporary gap in experienced leadership, often during critical periods, Prohawk Solutions aims to be the first ‘port of call’ when an Interim solution is required.

At the heart of the Prohawk Solutions business model is the goal of promoting Project Management as a critical, proactive profession and supporting young professionals develop their Project Management skills, capability and confidence. In support of this Prohawk offers the option for clients to request mentoring support for members of their staff. This offer is not dependent on live contracts, can be requested at any time and offered at no cost.

Working To Support Your Business

The implementation of the new IR35 legislation across the private sector has been delayed by 12 months to April 2021. However, the Prohawk three step delivery model sits outside IR35 criteria, with services and outcomes required by clients, delivered via fixed price work packages.

Invoice submission and subsequent payment is totally dependent on the client’s satisfaction that the respective milestone or work package deliverables have been delivered, all of which are agreed in advance of work commencing.

This delivery model enables clients to still benefit from the injection of professional interim skills and experience, with confidence, but without the complexities and bureaucracy resulting from the IR35 legislation.
Covid-19 Business Recovery

As organisations plan their recovery strategies as they come out of the other-side of the Pandemic, they will reflect on both the related damage, but also the benefits/opportunities of the measures they have deployed as a result of the nationwide lockdown.

This will almost certainly lead to transformation projects, needed to take the organisation forward with confidence.

With a wealth of transformation experience, Prohawk Solutions can support these business critical activities, though the scoping of Work Packages, which the leadership can decide how best to resource and guarantee the required outcomes are delivered.
Our Three-Step, Delivery Focused Solution
Offering both a traditional Interim Management model and Prohawk Solutions own three-step results based approach, we aim to remove the risk of engaging Interim Specialists. Working with the client’s leadership team, this outcome focussed approach is based on three clear, gated steps.

Clients benefit from
  • Clear view of the proposed outcomes and related costs before you make any commitment.
  • Reassurance that payment is only made on delivery of the agreed milestones/outcomes.
  • Effective reporting and communication of plans, status and forecasts for all stakeholders.
  • Delivery focused option that can often overcome internal headcount/budget challenges.
The Prohawk Solutions Service Model
We offer a range of solutions that provide you with the ability to choose the exact set of skills to fit your needs.