Establishing the behaviours needed to deliver effective change

Experience has proven that gaining the buy-in and active support of individuals and teams, greatly increases the delivery speed of change and the associated benefits. Clearly this is not ‘rocket science’, but how do you actually establish the environment within which individuals and teams can positively influence and embrace change?

Simon Clarkson at Think Works has established an International reputation in helping a wide range of organisations achieve the shift in behaviours needed to deliver effective change and performance improvement. Below Simon summarises how Think Works delivers the required Mindset for Change.

Think Works delivers development programmes across the corporate world and in elite sport to help individuals and organisations improve performance.

Improving performance requires change.  Change is often used to describe the process of taking a poorly performing organisation and improving outcomes.  However, change can be just as much about taking the next steps in any improvement process.

The Mindset for Change

Change of any kind in an organisation is implemented in order to improve outcomes, from sales numbers to efficiency metrics, from quality to delivery values, from innovation to leadership.

To drive any change in outcomes there must be a change in human behaviour. At a collective level, whether a sports team, sales team, region or division, or an organisation as a whole, people’s behaviour are the building blocks that form a culture. In order to drive performance, organisations often concentrate solely on training people what to ‘do’ differently. There is no doubt that this is a vital cog in the machine. However, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle is often missing.

That vital piece is the understanding of how to sustainably shift behaviour, build motivation and resilience for the challenges ahead and influence those stakeholders around us more effectively – in order to develop greater collective traction for that change and realise its true potential.

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