Prohawk Solutions – 2020 Charity: Cheltenham Mutual Aid


2020 has brought a global crisis, the likes of which has not seen in most of our lifetimes. The pandemic has brought devastations to families across the UK, losing one or more members of their family, but also hardship to those impacted by the necessary lockdown. 

In the face of these impacts and the constant stream of sad news, we have also seen a renewed sense of community, a much greater appreciation of the NHS staff, nursing sector and the key workers, who’s efforts and dedication has previously been overlooked. In Cheltenham as in many towns and cities, a Mutual Aid Community trust was established to support those people struggling through lockdown for many different reasons. This voluntary group has done tremendous work for the local community throughout the lockdown and it is a pleasure to have been able to provide both financial support and time to help local people, during these difficult times.